Best of North America

Best of North America

10 Episodes

Blackbelt TV's Best of North America presents the best martial arts fights in North America.

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Best of North America
  • Berto vs. Laughran

    Episode 1

    Fight 1: Berto vs. Laughran, Fight 2: Reid vs. Westbrook, Fight 3: Faber vs. Velasquez, Fight 4: Leuyer vs. Desir, and Fight 5: Dean vs. Halmot

  • Griffen vs. Sonnen

    Episode 2

    Fight 1: Griffen vs. Sonnen, Fight 2:Tarverdyan vs. Gutierrez, Fight 3: Jacobs vs. Alers, Fight 4: Kersee vs. Alers, and Fight 5: Lovett vs. Amaya

  • Francisco vs. Machiosa

    Episode 3

    Fight 1: Francisco vs. Machiosa, Fight 2: Evans vs. Pardoe, Fight 3: Orr vs. Wallace, and Fight 4: Magny vs. Anderson

  • Magallanes vs. Moore

    Episode 4

    Fight 1: Magallanes vs. Moore, Fight 2: Villareal vs. Severn, Fight 3: Baldwin vs. Arens, and Fight 4: Ruiz vs. McGee

  • Don "The Dragon" Wilson

    Episode 5

    Best of North America sits down with Don "the Dragon" Wilson and commentate one of his fights, Carmichael vs. Wilson

  • Griffin vs. Horn

    Episode 6

    Fight 1: Griffin vs. Horn, Fight 2: Heleno vs. Maynard, and Fight 3: Cooper vs. Von Flue

  • Parker vs. Valley

    Episode 7

    Fight 1: Parker vs. Valley, Fight 2: Ludwig vs. Denny, Fight 3: Ludwig vs. Messer, and Fight 4: Kucher vs. Herring

  • Connell vs. Brotherton

    Episode 7

    Fight 1: Connell vs. Brotherton, and Fight 2: Long vs. Elmore Fight 3: Marquez vs. Buckner

  • Oleinik vs. Stewart

    Episode 9

    Fight 1: Oleinik vs. Stewart, Fight 2: Hwang vs. Janoyan, Fight 3: Aurad vs. Postol, and Fight 4: Horn vs. Sobral

  • Assuncao vs. Alers

    Episode 10

    Fight 1: Assuncao vs. Alers, Fight 2: Hallman vs. Bitetti, and Fight 3: Adanza vs. Chater