Cape Fight League

Cape Fight League

11 Episodes

Caped Fight League brings you the best fights from martial arts leagues around the country.

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Cape Fight League
  • Norris vs. Scheepers

    Episode 1

    Fight 1: Norris vs. Scheepers, Fight 2: Deist vs. Maddock, Fight 3: Coetzee vs. Mailer, Fight 4: Tramontina vs. Olivier

  • Peters vs. Pegado

    Episode 2

    Fight 1: Tommy vs. Roos, Fight 2: Peters vs. Pegado, Fight 3: Manengela vs. Joshua, and Fight 4: Block vs. Wyk

  • Kulenfeko vs. Britz

    Episode 3

    Fight 1: Kulenfeko vs. Britz, Fight 2: Mbaya vs. Kamba, Fight 3: Rodgers vs. de Villiers, and Fight 4: Tshilomba vs. Lagrotteria

  • Evans vs. Yseen

    Episode 4

    Fight 1: Evans vs. Yseen, Fight 2: Mohammed vs. Matthee, Fight 3: Aziz vs. Robertson, and Fight 4: Bailey vs. Lind

  • Deist vs. Maddock

    Episode 5

    Fight 1: Norris vs. Scheepers, Fight 2: Deist vs. Maddock, Fight 3: Coetzee vs. Mailer, and Fight 4: Tramontina vs. Olivier

  • Reymer vs. Woznick

    Episode 6

    Fight 1: Reymer vs. Woznick, Fight 2: Mabutsane vs. Nizaam, Fight 3: Williams vs. Morrisan, and Fight 4: Keyter vs. Neadu

  • Nwasu vs. Smith

    Episode 7

    Fight 1: Nwasu vs. Smith, Fight 2: Westhuizen vs. Skinner, Fight 3: Adriaanse vs. Sceepers, Fight 4: Boatwright vs. Church, and Fight 5: Mode vs. Fafa

  • Drotschie vs. Kabanda

    Episode 8

    Fight 1: Drotschie vs. Kabanda, Fight 2: Robinson vs. Ngwabe, and Fight 3: Pegado vs. Kamish

  • Macwayne vs. Engelbrecht

    Episode 9

    Fight 1: Macwayne vs. Engelbrecht, Fight 2: Ngceshe vs. Joshua, Fight 3: Ignatovic vs. Coetzee, Fight 4: Biko vs. Lazarus, and Fight 5: Monterio vs. Serraf

  • The Best Fights

    Episode 10

    Watch some of the best fights from the Cape Fight League!

  • Greef vs. Rodrigues

    Episode 11

    Fight 1: Greef vs. Rodrigues, Fight 2: Peterson vs. Steyn, and Fight 3: Roberts vs. Britts