Close Combat

Close Combat

8 Episodes

Close Combat is a closer look at the US Armed Forces' Combative Training program and the fights within.

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Close Combat
  • Yaure vs. Texidor

    Episode 1

    A look at the Army and Marine Corps's combative training programs. Fight 1: Yaure vs. Texidor and Fight 2: Mason vs. Stebbins

  • Thorton vs. Eclavea

    Episode 2

    Fight 1: Thorton vs. Eclavea and Fight 2: Cabal-Garibay vs. Mercado

  • Clark vs. Soto

    Episode 3

    Fight 1: Clark vs. Soto and Fight 2: Bowen vs. Chitwood

  • Aqoun vs. Kwast

    Episode 4

    Fight 1: Aqoun vs. Kwast and Fight 2: Robbins vs. Daniels

  • Magny vs. Anderson

    Episode 5

    Fight 1: Magny vs. Anderson, and Fight 2: Chappelle vs. Anderson

  • Cook vs. Martin

    Episode 6

    Fight 1: Cook vs. Martin and Fight 2: Norwood vs. South

  • Belasco vs. Starks

    Episode 7

    Fight 1: Belasco vs. Starks and Fight 2: Wallace vs. Eggelston

  • Kincaid vs. Iotchkolovsky

    Episode 8

    Fight 1: Kincaid vs. Iotchkolovsky, Fight 2: Jackson vs. Collins...