• Armed Forces Boxing

    2 seasons

    The best fights from the Armed Forces Boxing Championships.

  • Hollywood Park Casino

    1 season

    Hollywood Park Casino brings multiple fighting sports together under one roof and lets them duke it out!

  • Cape Fight League

    1 season

    Caped Fight League brings you the best fights from martial arts leagues around the country.

  • Close Combat

    1 season

    Close Combat is a closer look at the US Armed Forces' Combative Training program and the fights within.

  • Africa Fight League

    1 season

    Africa Fight League puts you in the action with the best fights out of Africa's martial arts leagues!

  • Fightstar
    1 season


    1 season

    Fightstar brings you martial arts fights from around the world.

  • Army Combatives Championship

    1 season

    The best fights from the Army Combatives Championship!