Rockin' Rounds

Rockin' Rounds

13 Episodes

Rockin' Rounds brings you the best rounds from on the screen and in the ring.

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Rockin' Rounds
  • Faber vs. Valencia

    Episode 1

    Fight 1: Faber vs. Valencia, Fight 2: Severn vs. Villareal, Fight 3: Evans vs. Pardee, Fight 4: Sonnen vs. Lambert, and Movie: King Boxer

  • Bennet vs Faber

    Episode 2

    Fight 1: Bennet vs Faber, Fight 2: Wanderlei vs Rua, Fight 3: Pena vs. Judah, Fight 4: Nelson vs. Butenko, and Movie: Drunken Master Slippery Snake

  • Rivera-Parr vs. de Randamie

    Episode 3

    Fight 1: Rivera-Parr vs. de Randamie, Fight 2: Rendon vs. Balboa, Fight 3: Scarf vs. Holm, Fight 4: Giavanni vs. Bjornstad, Fight 5: Frausto vs. Jenkins, Fight 6: Albrightson vs. Acevedo, Fight 7: Evinger vs. Marquez Lee, and Movie: The Tournament

  • Wayne vs. Robinson

    Episode 4

    Fight 1: Wayne vs. Robinson, Fight 2: Fabrizi vs. Lopez, Fight 3: Parke vs. Mardini, Fight 4: Bendell vs. Syriyapai, Fight 5: Gonzales vs. Garcia, Fight 6: Pleonchit vs. Benmati, Fight 7: Heelan vs. Kavanagh, and Movie: Battle of Shaolin

  • Beasley vs. Curtis

    Episode 5

    Fight 1: Beasley vs. Curtis, Fight 2: Tarverdyan vs. Yelle, Fight 3: Sasiprapa vs. Van Denderen, Fight 4: Aguilera vs. Badua, Fight 5: Omaya vs. Van De Boss, Fight 6: Franklin vs. O'Kane, and Movie: The Tattooed Dragon

  • Loughran vs. Santos

    Episode 6

    Fight 1: Loughran vs. Santos, Fight 2: Rooney vs. Holohan, Fight 3: Sankeu vs.Burtis, Fight 4: Thomas vs. Witt, Fight 5: Lema vs. Jansen, and Movie: The South Shaolin Master

  • Longindis vs. Broussard

    Episode 7

    Fight 1: Longindis vs. Broussard, Fight 2: Ahlgren vs. Miura, Fight 3: Zuriga vs. McCullough, Fight 4: Mamaril vs. McLellan, Fight 5: Leyva vs. Nguyen, Fight 6: Dobler vs. Morrow, Fight 7: Kihl vs. Zhang, and Movie: The Tournament

  • Watts vs. Vaith

    Episode 8

    Fight 1: Watts vs. Vaith, Fight 2: Begley vs. Loughran, Fight 3: Sines vs. Epstein, Fight 4: Simmons vs. Gonzales, Fight 5: Robinson vs. Reedy, and Movie: Crack Shadow Boxer

  • Kushnirenko vs. Harvey

    Episode 9

    Fight 1: Kushnirenko vs. Harvey, Fight 2: Blenkarn vs. Huggins, Fight 3: Hwang vs. Janoyan, Fight 4: Pinczura vs. Moore, Fight 5: Grant vs. Marras, Fight 6: Kulebin vs. Andoui, Fight 7: Reynolds vs. Cox, Fight 8: Cona vs. Grant, and Movie: The 36 Deadly Styles

  • Cotcher vs. Fuller

    Episode 10

    Fight 1: Cotcher vs. Fuller, Fight 2: Tarverdyan vs. Nunez, Fight 3: Parker vs. Valley, Fight 4: Johnston vs. Ayari, Fight 5: Kilfin vs. Kayas, Fight 6: Grandbois vs. Clearsky, Fight 7: Bird vs. Vitta, Fight 8: Shields vs. Muradi, and Movie: Yao's Young Warriors

  • Quero vs. Kazaku

    Episode 11

    Fight 1: Quero vs. Kazaku, Fight 2: Mulpeter vs. Torres, Fight 3: Flynn vs. Ihieuhue, Fight 4: Roberts vs. Welsh, Fight 5: Lee vs. Sarran, Fight 6: Queally vs. Byrne, Fight 7: Rodriguez vs. Weatherly, Fight 8: Redmund vs. Fields, and Movie: 18 Fatal Strikes

  • Buchanan vs. Mercurio

    Episode 12

    Fight 1: Buchanan vs. Mercurio, Fight 2: Jacobs vs. Alger, Fight 3: DeVitoria vs. Casparian, Fight 4: Thompson vs. Gallons, Fight 5: Martirosyan v. Francisco, Fight 6: Conner vs. Rooney, Fight 7: Papineau vs. Torrence, Fight 8: Pierson vs. Richardson, and Movie: Ring of Death

  • Zemlak vs. Swanson

    Episode 13

    Fight 1: Zemlak vs. Swanson, Fight 2: Craven vs. Ayre, Fight 3: Yost vs. Buchkovich, Fight 4: Mulholland vs. Kleanthons, Fight 5: Coll vs. Larkin, Fight 6: McGrath vs. Putlak ,Fight 7: Philpott vs. Young, and Movie: Budo Wing