Rockin' Rounds

Rockin' Rounds

2 Seasons

Rockin' Rounds brings you the best rounds from on the screen and in the ring.

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Rockin' Rounds
  • Fisher vs. Cueto

    Episode 1

    Fight 1: Fisher vs. Cueto, Fight 2: Brinson vs. Price, Fight 3: Claggett vs. Jacklin, Fight 4: Singleton vs. Dupree, Fight 5: Brinson vs. Blackwell, Fight 6: Gonzales vs. Nerney, Fight 7: Cummings vs. Hendricks, Fight 8: Valentin vs. Aguilera, Fight 9: Desir vs. Leuyer, and Movie: Fearless Dragon

  • Bodge vs. Bronson

    Episode 2

    Fight 1: Bodge vs. Bronson, Fight 2: Piotrowski vs. Richardson, Fight 3: Fairtex vs. Steele, Fight 4: Lara vs. Gallardo, Fight 5: Morrow vs. Dobler, Fight 6: Fairtex vs. Yamamoto, Fight 7: Roque vs. Davies, and Movie: The Rebellious Reign

  • Look'saithong vs. Carr

    Episode 3

    Fight 1: Look'saithong vs. Carr, Fight 2: Babajanyan vs. Caraballo, Fight 3: Gonzales vs. Garcia, Fight 4: Look'saithong vs. Gibson, Fight 5: Moore vs. Silva, Fight 6: Garrett vs. Medrano, Fight 7: Travis vs. Harris, Fight 8: Humby vs. Salas, and Movie: The Big Rascal

  • Kennedy vs. Bentley

    Episode 4

    Fight 1: Kennedy vs. Bentley, Fight 2: Vasquez vs. Browning, Fight 3: Diez vs. Jones, Fight 4: Garcia vs. Cummings, Fight 5: Davidson vs. Aarno, Fight 6: Martinez vs. Lozano, Fight 7: Vasquez vs. Bolden, Fight 8: Dong vs. Sriyapal, and Movie: Duel of the Masters

  • Konate vs. Kulebin

    Episode 5

    Fight 1: Konate vs. Kulebin, Fight 2: Varol vs. Harvey, Fight 3: Kulebin vs. Harvey, Fight 4: Jedrzeljczyk vs. Ivashkevich, Fight 5: Ramirez vs. Roque, Fight 6: Ramirez vs. Southichack, Fight 7: Kulebin vs. Kushnirenko, and Movie: My Life Is On The Line