The Fight Scene

The Fight Scene

13 Episodes

Blackbelt TV's The Fight Scene brings you the best martial art scenes from film, TV, and the web!

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The Fight Scene
  • Hand Over Fist

    Episode 1

    Clips from Hand Over Fist, Sleeping Dogs, O...Shades, EMC Monkey's Matrix Revelations

  • Tribal Ties

    Episode 2

    Clips from Tribal Ties, Thirst, and I Told You I'mma Kill You

  • Epic Chick Fight

    Episode 3

    Clips from Epic Chick Fight, The Messenger, Indie Action Tutorials, Wanted, Unsecured Life

  • Pointless
    Episode 4


    Episode 4

    Clips from Pointless, Yellow Fever, Raw, and Escape

  • Triple Dragon

    Episode 5

    Clips from Triple Dragon, Black Belt, Mendavo, Indie Action Tutorials, and Clay Fight.

  • Flashpoint Tribute

    Episode 6

    Clips from Flashpoint Tribute, Unfair Fight, Epic, The Breakout, and Indie Action Tutorials.

  • Ninja vs. Pirate

    Episode 7

    Clips from Ultimate Showdown: Ninja vs. Pirate, I'll Take That, Indie Action Tutorials, Under Pressure, and The Revenge.

  • The Revenge

    Episode 8

    Clips from The Revenge, Big Trouble with Little Anime Girl, CJ vs. Matt, Day of the Ninja, and Walk to Work

  • Martial Impact

    Episode 9

    Clips from Martial Impact, Schoolgirl Showdown, Unsecured Loan 2, Shapely Heroes Snake Victim, Prey, and Slow-Mo Monkey

  • The Martial Club

    Episode 10

    Clips from The Martial Club, Comic Con Brawl, Cardio, Mars Villa, and Female Jogger at Large

  • Martial Encounters

    Episode 11

    Clips from Martial Encounters, Chinatown Throwdown, Shaolin Temple, and Indie Action Tutorials

  • 14 Monkeys Forever

    Episode 12

    Clips from 14 Monkeys Forever, The Informant, Water, Michelle vs. Hong, Kids from Shaolin, and Katrina

  • Indie Action Tutorials

    Episode 13

    Clips from Do the Damn Thing, Indie Action Tutorials, The Master Strikes, and Sunset Fight